The city of Talon is located along the southwestern coast of Marcavia.  Once a major center of trade, especially with the Eoyotan continent, the city has seen a rapid decline.  This decline is due in part to the series of maelstroms that have formed off the coast (there are 3 of them, one directly west of Arabel, one directly west of Talon and one between the two cities), all but stopping all trade with Eoyotan.  Add to this the bandits stopping the over land trade with Arabel and the city is ripe with unrest and distrust.

            The city is broken into 3 districts. 

Scrappeerbom Cross This is the center most district of Talon.  Its name comes from the cross that is formed by the 2 main streets (Scrappeer and Bom) form here.  City hall and most of the city’s merchant houses are located here.  The district is also called “The Cross” by the locals.

Yoppernosk Heights – This eastern district of Talon is the home to the city’s rich.  Named after the family that helped found the city, this district sits atop a small rise making it appear to look over the rest of the city.

Screestelf Yard – This western district is home to most of the city’s poor as well as the docks.  Due to the down turn in the sea trade, most of the docks have fallen into disrepair.


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