Long ago, the Three made the world of Pandanel. For over a thousand years, they walked the world and took great joy in their creation and those that lived on it. But something changed, whether it was the Three themselves or some outside force, and the Three decided to separate themselves from the world and their beloved children. It is said that they went away and now sleep deep beneath the earth awaiting the day when they can once again walk the world with their children.

Thousands of years later, the continent of Markovia found itself united under the banner of the Leorieth.  Under their rule, the people knew peace and prosperity.  Being from one of the long living races, each of the Leorieth rulers reigned for hundreds of years. 

Roughly 50 years ago, a great unrest began to grow.  Lead by a former general, an armed group attack the capital city of Burmstone and killed Queen Kendel and the rest of her family.  This man, calling himself the Tyrant, assumed power and begin to instill fear in the populace. 

As the years pass, a long shadow begins to cover Markovia.  The people turn on each other out of fear and hatred.  Can you find a way to stop this? Can you and your friends stop this madman from destroying Markovia? Can you stop this evil before the Shadows Fall?


This is a mid-level to high level D&D 5th edition campaign.  This story takes place in the world of Pandanel, 100 years after the return of the Three.


When the Shadows Fall

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